Stink Week 2016: February 29th - March 6th

In 2016, we are going to LEAP into Stink Week on Monday, February 29th! We are going to use the extra leap day to start Raising Awareness & Funds for Children with Hearing Loss & their Families!

Since 2011, children, students, teachers, parents, and other supporters have taken one week out of their year to Make a Stink about Hearing Loss! Our Stinkers have raised over $82,000 to support children with hearing loss and their families!

Why Make a Stink?
Stink Week is a lot fun, but ultimately Stink Week was created to ensure stories like these keep happening:

"Xavier was diagnosed later than a lot of kids but because of the programs The Decibels Foundation supports, he is beginning to understand, sign, and speak like a typical 2 year old." ~Jessica Zakrajsek

"At just 18 months old, our amazingly talkative son Wils, when asked about Stink Week 2016, said “oh man,” "pee-yoo,” and “thank you!”  He’s a funny, social, little chatterbox thanks to the team at The Minute Man Arc Early Intervention Hearing Loss Program. Please help us make a stink about hearing loss to raise awareness and funds so that all the children of Massachusetts with hearing loss can get the support they and their families need." ~Tori & Mike Banu

Register for Stink Week 2016 by Sunday, November 8th and YOU can join Stink Week Founder, Jack Dunning, on his 2016 Stink Week Design Team. You will help design the 2016 Stink Week t-shirt and scheme the other exciting awareness raising challenges and activities we will have for our 2016 Stinkers! 

​After you sign up we will create a personal, on-line fundraising page to help you raise funds and we will provide you with lots of information and challenges about hearing loss to help you raise awareness! And of course, there will be a new 2016 Stink Week T-Shirt to wear during Stink Week!

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