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Stink Week 2019: March 4th - 8th

Welcome to Stink Week 2019!


To make a donation to Stink Week go to our fundraising page HERE! 


Raise Awareness

It's officially Stink Week!

Each day, check in here for facts, news and challenges related to hearing loss. Share this page with others as you raise awareness and raise funds!

Day One - What Does It Mean To Be Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Day Two - What's It Like To Be a Student That Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing?

Day Three - Daily Living When You're Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Day Four - Communicating With Someone Who Is Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Day Five - Famous People Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

BONUS: Take a video or photo of you completing a challenge and share it to The Decibels Foundation's Facebook page! 


Raise Funds

Create your own personalized fundraising page or donate directly to Stink Week.

To create your own personalized fundraising page, go to the event page HERE!

*If you do not already have a FirstGiving account, you will need to create one before creating your fundraising page. 

Contact Bonnie Fitzpatrick at
or (978) 637-2622.

Thank YOU for Supporting Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing & their Families!

Stink Week 2018
Decibels Families

REMINDER! Tuesday, March 5th - Annual Stink Week Benefit Dinner at Flatbread in Burlington!

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