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#MakeWavesWithDecibels is a monthly awareness campaign to highlight some of the Wavemakers of the D/HH community - past, present, and future. To nominate someone to be our Wavemaker of the Month, please send email to

Wavemakers in the D/HH Community

November 2022 Wavemaker - Claudia Gordon

Claudia Gordon is the Decibels Wavemaker of the Month for November 2022!

She is a fierce advocate for disability justice and accessibility for all with extensive experience developing public policy for federal agencies, including in President Obama's administration. In November 2022, she was appointed to the National Council on Disability by President Biden.

Watch her powerful TEDx Talk at the University of Rochester from 2018.

October 2022 Wavemaker - Lior Hobler

Lior is a fierce advocate for disability justice and accessibility for all and there is fascinating overlap between their self-advocacy for Auditory Processing Disorder and the deaf/hard of hearing community.

Read more from Lior in the images below.

September 2022 Wavemaker - Angeline Fuller Fischer

Let's take a step back in history to learn more about Angeline Fuller Fischer (1841-1925), who is the Decibels Wavemaker of the Month for September 2022!

Fisher was an American writer, poet, and advocate for women's education, particularly equal access to education for women who were deaf.

Read more about her in the images below, including an excerpt from her poetry.

August 2022 Wavemaker - Connor and Courtney Aseltine

Connor and his mom Courtney are the Decibels Wavemakers of the Month for August 2022!

Connor was diagnosed with profound hearing loss after his newborn hearing screening detected a potential issue. He and his family worked with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialty Program at Minute Man Arc Early Intervention to get the services they needed and to learn how to best support Connor.

Today, Connor and his family live in North Carolina where he is a thriving, active child. Courtney took her experience in education and as an advocate for Connor and now runs a thriving private consulting practice as a non-attorney Special Education Advocate with clients across the country, helping to ensure that all children can have a full, appropriate, and enriching educational experience. For more information, visit Special Education Advocacy of the Carolinas. Courtney is also on the Board of Directors of The Decibels Foundation.

Read more from Connor and Courtney in the images below.

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