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Do you have a testimonial to share? Please share your thoughts about how The Decibels Foundation has positively impacted your family. What services, events, or fundraisers have you enjoyed being a part of? Do you have special memory to share about a person or event? We love your stories and look forward to reading your responses! Use the button below to Share Your Story.

“The Decibels Foundation made a lifelong impact on our family. Our daughter was able to receive the critical services she needed to overcome the challenges associated with hearing loss. My husband and I were also able to receive the critical information, education and access to top language and medical specialists in the field. We are forever grateful.” – Heidi, mother of child with hearing loss

“Decibels has made all the difference in my child's life. Diagnosed with hearing loss at birth, my son has been a client here since he was 3 months old. Through Decibels we receive speech therapy, progress updates and consultation for pre-school. We are tremendously grateful for the wonderful service we receive here. Thank you.” – Maggie, mother of a child with hearing loss

“My son is now 4 but we found the Decibel's Foundation when he was 15 months and they saved his life. He got the speech he needed and they helped boost his confidence for the transition into pre-school. The Foundation gives endless contributions to this minority disability population. If I had to make any changes to this organization I would make it bigger!!” – Rose, mother of a child with hearing loss

“We stepped into an unfamiliar world when we found out that our son had hearing loss. We didn't know how to best advocate for our son, or even what he needed. It was pretty lonely… As parents, we've found a community that faces similar challenges that we can learn with. Our son receives speech therapy, attends playgroups with other children with hearing loss, and we, as parents, receive training on how to better advocate for our children as they outgrow Decibel's sponsored programs.  Simply put, these services don't exist without organizations like the Decibels Foundation. I can't say enough good things about Decibels or the community it has helped create!” – Greg, father of a child with hearing loss

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