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Decibels Scholar Program

In 2008, The Decibels Foundation partnered with The Robbins Center at Emerson College to create the Decibels Scholar Program. The goal of this program is to encourage the best and brightest to pursue careers as pediatric Speech Language Pathologists (SLP). In 2015, the Foundation expanded the program to include third year students in the Doctor of Audiology Program at Northeastern University. Click here to learn more about the program and our Decibels Scholars.

2016 Decibels Scholar from Emerson College, Lisa Boldini, along with Kim Bennett and Lynn Conners from the Thayer Lindsley Program at Emerson College

Ellen Kurtzer-White Award

In 2008, when the Decibels Foundaiton recognized the need to encourage young SLPs to work with children with hearing loss and their families, the foundation also recognized the need to honor those professionals who have dedicated their lives to the supporting these children and families.

Brad Austin, Decibels President, presenting Megan Ford, Au.D. with the 2016 Ellen Kurtzer-White Award.







Thus, the Ellen Kurtzer-White Award was created in memory of Ellen, a former supervisor in the Thayer Lindsley Program at Emerson College and champion for deaf and hard of hearing children. This award is presented annually to a person who has made a significant difference in the treatment of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Click here to learn more about this award and past recipients.

  • The Caroline Bass Fund
    The Caroline Bass Fund

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