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Ellen Kurtzer-White Award

The Ellen Kurtzer-White Award was created in memory of Ellen, a former supervisor in the Thayer Lindsley Program at Emerson College, and is presented annually to a person who has made a significant difference in the treatment of young children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Ellen Kurtzer-White was a pediatric audiologist whose work on behalf of children with hearing loss and their families included the Thayer Lindsley Parent-Centered Nursery at Emerson, early intervention services for newborns with hearing loss in Rhode Island, and authoring articles and books on young children with hearing loss. The award in her name is intended to recognize her remarkable contributions to the field.

Ellen Kurtzer-White Award Recipients:

2023: Terri Pancare

2022: Marty Lapointe-Malchik, M.E.D.
2019: Janice Gatty, Ed.M., M.E.D., Ed.D
2018: Kym Meyer, M.S., CCC-A
2017: Janet Farrell
2016: Megan Ford, Au.D.
2015: Tracy Evans Luiselli, Ed.D.
2014: Gale Ann Merle
2013: Dr. Curtis Bates
2012: Ann Gleason
2010: Lauren Aron
2009: Dr. Marilyn Neault
2008: Julie Goldberg
2007: Dr. Honore Weiner

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